Turnkey Packages

Turnkey Packages are hassle free! That’s because with Freestyle Living Turnkey Packages, you know that everything needed for your property is already there.

Our standard Turnkey Packages include items such as light fittings, a letterbox, fencing, landscaping, a clothes line, carpets and floor tiles. You can also customise a package to suit your individual needs and include items such as air conditioning, additional paving, a dishwasher and much more.

Why choose a turnkey package?

  • Banks look favourably on a turnkey package because it is ready to rent at the time of handover. You are able to get a tenant in earlier, which means you start making money sooner.
  • Turnkey packages are hassle-free because the builder does all the work. Who has the time to run around trying to get suppliers and trades to co-ordinate their timings and services?
  • With a Freestyle Living turnkey package, you can choose your colour scheme from our professionally co-ordinated selection boards prepared by an award winning interior designer. This ensure your property looks its best to achieve maximum rental returns. If you prefer to add your own touch, we have examples of products for you to choose from in our showroom.
  • A turnkey package enables you to roll everything into one smart loan. Freestyle Living turnkey packages have everything included in the price so you know all your items are covered. There’s no running around trying to raise additional funds, get a line of credit or trying to refinance with the bank to finish off your investment property.
  • If you don’t have a block of land, Freestyle Living can find that and include it in your package too. We work with all the best land developers in Perth and the South West, so our experienced consultants will assist you to find the block of land that suits your investment property needs.